Source code now on CodePlex

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few minutes ago, the source code of Shell Runner and MOBZPing was published on CodePlex. Our first attempt to host the source on GitHub looked promising, but although there is a way to integrate GitHub with Windows Explorer (called the Git Extensions), there is no actual Source Code Control plug-in for Visual Studio 2010. And it required a lot of commands being typed into bash-consoles, which seems overly complex – at least, compared to a nice ‘right-click to check in’ SCC-plugin. Update: Visual Studio 2012 supports a Git Source Code Control Plugin since VS2012 Update 2! We’ve migrated all our CodePlex repositories from Mercurial to Git.

CodePlex uses Mercurial for source control (and also Team Server, which we don’t use). Mercurial does have a plug-in for Visual Studio – it’s called VisualHG, and works on top of TortoiseHg. While maybe not as intuitive as good-old SourceSafe, it was simple enough to get up and running, and works like a charm.

Anyway, enjoy the source code! We’ll be moving the other MOBZystems projects to CodePlex as soon as we get a chance.

Update - MOBZHuntRegName, and RegFind are now on CodePlex, too!

Update 2 - all source code (except QuickCode.NET 2010) is now on CodePlex. Join us if you’d like to contribute!

Update 3 - we've moved again, since CodePlex shut down. All our code is now on GitHub!