In this section you'll find articles about code, and the code itself:

3D CSS and custom properties
How to combine CSS variables (a.k.a. custom properties) and CSS transforms to create a 3D cube

Comparing directories in Powershell
A script to compare two directories and show the differences

Comparing folder security using PowerShell
Compare the security access rules for two folders recursively using PowerShell

Using a FileSystemWatcher from PowerShell
How to set up a File System Watcher and monitor its events from PowerShell

A functional Retry pattern
A class to help you implement retries easily and consistently

A PowerShell wrapper for 7-Zip
A Powershell module that wraps the command-line functionality of 7za

jQuery Mosaic Plugin
A jQuery plugin to swap images in a mosaic

Harvesting Codeplex Statistics
Aggregating Codeplex statistics using VB.NET. (Note: obsoleted!)

A .NET Snippet Compiler
A class that compiles and runs code snippets.

Using constants for table and column names
How to generate a VB.NET source file with constants for database table and column names.

Transparent State Images in Tree Views
State images in tree view controls are second class citizens, because transparency is not supported. Here's how to get around that.

Console Process
A Console Process class for .NET 2.0 and 3.5. Runs console processes with a host of other options, such as an automatic timeout, 'near real-time' redirected I/O, etc.

Auto-Detecting Text Encoding
How to use the built-in Encoding.GetEncodings collection to detect the encoding of text files.

Text, Encodings, and .NET
How and when to use a text encoding when reading and writing text files in .NET.

Bug in .NET Command Line Arguments
Read about unexpected behavior in Environment.GetCommandLineArgs and how to get around it.

Events in C# and VB.NET
A look at the different ways in which C# and VB.NET handle event declarations - and how QuickCode.NET can help.

How To Kill a Process Tree
How to terminate a process and all processes started by that process.