After writing MOBZec, I couldn't resist revisiting good old MOBZHunt. The classic explorer-like interface (folder tree on the left, details on the right) combined with loading a folder structure asynchronously is common to both; remodeling MOBZec into MOBZize, the shiny new .NET 6 version of MOBZHunt, should be a snap.

And it was. Still more work than anticipated of course, and MOBZize is not quite feature-complete compared to MOBZHunt, but I think it's enough for release.

Basically, MOBZize looks like this:

The MOBZize UI

Very familiar, I suppose. There's a big Open folder button in the tool bar that lets you open a folder (duh), a Refresh button that also does what is says and an Up button that moves up one folder in the tree. Context menus are a lot more limited than MOBZHunt: you can right-click any item, both on the left and on the right, and choose Show in Explorer or Open in Explorer. "Show" opens the parent directory of the item and highlights the item, which is convenient for performing operations on the item itself. "Open" show the content of the directory (if you right-clicked on a directory) or does the same as Show if you selected a file.

Since the release consists of a zip-file containing a single exe-file, there is no installer and consequently there is no 'Open in MOBZize' menu item added to Explorer. From version 0.2.1 MOBZize has a proper installer, which adds a "Open in MOBZize" menu item when you right-click a folder in Explorer. It is also still possible to start MOBZize with the name of a folder as the first and only argument, which will open that folder on startup.

Of course, when rewriting something - especially after all those years! - you do things differently the second time around. I added a few more columns: next to Size (the human-readable form of the size in bytes) I added a percentage and the number of folders and files in every folder. You can click on the column titles to sort; re-sorting a column reverses the sort order. And I finally found a good way to present the totals of each folder! Both the tree view and the list view are, of course, on a SplitContainer, but each also has a StatusStrip. The one on the left simply displays the name of the currently selected folder in the tree, but the right one mimics the columns of the list view with ToolStripStatusLabels. I was worried that I wouldn't get the alignment of the labels and the columns right, and that it would become a mess when resizing columns, but it turns out really nice if you just set the width of the corresponding status label when the column width changes. It looks very natural to me, which is always a good thing.

So there it is: a new version of MOBZHunt, 64-bit, .NET 8 installer. Enjoy.

Version 0.2.3 was converted to .NET 8 and adds a column for the Last Modified Date. It also adds support for Enter and Backspace in the file and folder list and improves context menu handling.

Version 0.2.2 ignores errors when checking for updates. This prevents an exception when no network is available.

Version 0.2.1 adds a proper installer. This is required to add a right-click menu item to Explorer. Also: on startup, MOBZize checks for updates. If there is a new version, a button at the top will direct you to this page.

Download MOBZize

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