Using QuickCode.NET

Note: this documentation applies to QuickCode.NET 2008, but the 2010 version is functionally identical

QuickCode.NET adds four new user interface elements to Visual Studio:

A menu item in the Tools menu, called Show QuickCode.NET 2008. This brings up the QuickCode.NET Tool Window (see below).

A tool window (like the Solution Explorer). Here's where you create, edit, and delete QuickCodes. If this window gets lost, click the menu item in the Tools menu (see above).

Two context menu items that appear when you right-click somewhere in your code: New QuickCode from selection... and Insert QuickCode.... The first is used to create a new QuickCode from an existing piece of code; the other to insert a QuickCode into your code interactively. See Creating and Editing QuickCodes and Inserting QuickCodes