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These are the tools that make up the MOBZuite™ suite of developer's tools. They're all free, all source code (except for QuickCode.NET 2010, up to now) is available on CodePlex, all under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2).

Downloading a tool will also refer you to CodePlex.

Tool Version Price Details
See Through Windows v1.0.6 *FREE* Details
MOBZync v0.9.2 *FREE* Details
MOBZHunt v1.0.4 *FREE* Details
QuickCode.NET 2010 v3.1.0 *FREE* Details
Fragment Runner v0.9.1 *FREE* Details
MOBZPing v1.0.4 *FREE* Details
MOBZRuler v1.0.3 *FREE* Details
MOBZoom v1.0.1 *FREE* Details
RegFind v1.0.2 *FREE* Details
RegName v1.0.4 *FREE* Details
Shell Runner v1.0.5 *FREE* Details
RunNET v1.0.0 *FREE* Details
MOBZHash v1.0.1 *FREE* Details
MOBZcript v0.9.0 *FREE* Details